PEC Releases RFQ for Ohiopyle Project

Pittsburgh, Pa. – The Pennsylvania Environmental Council has issued a Request for Qualifications/Request for Proposals for consultants interested in developing the Ohiopyle Joint Master Plan and Implementation Strategy for both Ohiopyle Borough and Ohiopyle State Park.

The project is unique in that the state has never done a joint plan with a municipality.  The joint effort is justified because this tiny borough of 77 residents is completely surrounded by a 19,000-acre park that attracts 1.5 million visits per year; the borough struggles to deal with the heavy visitation and the park relies heavily on the borough for infrastructure and services.

Key components of the project will range from a streetscape plan and safety considerations along State Route 381 to a sustainability and renewable energy strategy for the borough and park.  Design guidelines for structures, stormwater and wastewater management, parking and other issues also will be addressed in the action-oriented implementation stategy.

The joint project builds on a three-day planning and visioning project that PEC led last year in Ohiopyle.