PEC Opposes Attempt to Reverse Rulemaking Protections

UPDATE: Upon further review of the proposed amendment, the amendment language would also prohibit the Department of Environmental Protection’s ability to require additional permitting requirements for well sites located in close proximity to schools or playgrounds.

September 22, 2016

To: Members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives
From: Pennsylvania Environmental Council
Re: Opposition to A09804 (House Bill 1391)

Dear Representatives:

Amendment A09804 to House Bill 1391 contains language that would roll back three separate sections of oil and gas regulations currently being finalized by the Department of Environmental Protection, including provisions relating to waste reporting and well site restoration.

House Bill 1391 addresses the issue of lease royalty payments. The rollback language in A09804 with respect to environmental rulemaking – protections resulting from the most extensive public review process in modern history – is non-germane and inappropriate.

We ask that you oppose these provisions in A09804, as well as any other attempt to inhibit long overdue and duly vetted environmental protections.

Thank you for your consideration.