PEC Comments on State Parks’ Bill Vote

Marci Mowery
President, Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation
[email protected]

Davitt Woodwell
President, Pennsylvania Environmental Council
[email protected]

Pennsylvania Parks & Forests Foundation, Pennsylvania Environmental Council Encourage Dialogue On Ways To Address Needs Of Pennsylvania’s State Parks

Marci Mowery, President of the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation, and Davitt Woodwell, President of the Pennsylvania Environmental Council, today issued this statement after the House of Representatives voted on House Bill 2013 (Ellis-R-Butler) which would have opened Pennsylvania’s State Parks to private development.

“First we want to thank all those members of the House who supported Pennsylvania’s award-winning State Parks and their mission to provide nature-based, recreational opportunities for everyone in the Commonwealth.

“The vote shows an overwhelming majority in the House believe Pennsylvania’s State Parks are not broken. It recognized the fact that right now they are an economic engine for Pennsylvania’s economy, especially in rural areas of the state, that returns over $12 for every dollar the state invests.

“We also believe the vote shows the public needs to be actively engaged in determining the future of our state parks.

“With this vote out of the way, we feel there is an opportunity to sit down and discuss the real needs of our state park system, its strengths, challenges and opportunities, as well as the needs of the public. We asked for an opportunity to sit down and discuss these issues before, and we extend that offer again.

“Such a conversation would serve everyone well and provide a real basis for consideration of any development of any type in the parks in the future.”

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