PEC and Center for Climate Strategies Announce Creation of “Center for Climate Strategies, Inc.”



For the Center for Climate Strategies:
Thomas Peterson, Chair (703) 691-3064

For the Pennsylvania Environmental Council:
Paul King, Chair and Interim President (412) 481-9400

(Harrisburg, PA)  The Center for Climate Strategies (CCS) and the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) today announced the establishment of the Center for Climate Strategies as an independent nonprofit corporation.  “This move reflects the great success that CCS has had working to address the issue of climate change in more than twenty states” said Paul King, Chair and Interim President of PEC.

Started in 2004 as a policy center of Enterprising Environmental Solutions, Inc (EESI), formerly a supporting organization of PEC, CCS has grown to national recognition based on their work across the country.  “The growth of CCS has been phenomenal” said Tom Peterson, the new President of CCS and its driving force over the last five years. “We have been privileged to work with governors, state legislatures, environmental agencies, and key stakeholders in over two dozen states to develop plans that really are the foundation for addressing climate change nationwide.”

CCS works collaboratively with diverse stakeholders to develop consensus-based solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in partnering states.  “We are looking forward to continuing our efforts and to focus more intently on the climate issues at the national level” said Peterson. “We greatly appreciate PEC’s support of our work over the past several years.”

“The success that CCS has had is remarkable,” said King.  “This is not the first time that PEC has helped launch a successful project, and we hope it will not be the last. PEC is committed to fostering innovative projects and, when appropriate, giving them wings to fly.”


About the Center for Climate Strategies:
CCS helps states, regions, and national governments tackle climate change by fostering leadership action toward solutions, enabling deliberative democracy on policy and governance choices, and providing advanced technical assistance for stakeholders and policy makers.

About the Pennsylvania Environmental Council:
The Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) protects and restores the natural and built environments through innovation, collaboration, education and advocacy. PEC believes in the value of partnerships with the private sector, government, communities and individuals to improve the quality of life for all Pennsylvanians.