Lindsay Baxter Outlines PEC’s Recent Work in Energy and Climate

PEC’s work in the energy and climate sector has become particularly relevant in 2015.

With the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) releasing the final rules for the Clean Power Plan this summer, Pennsylvania is now responsible for crafting an implementation plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As Pennsylvania also just released its Climate Impact Assessment, there is no time like the present to combat climate change.

PEC works every day to address climate change through its efforts in energy renewables and energy efficiency in a constant endeavour to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Lindsay Baxter, PEC Program Manager for Energy and Climate, outlines PEC’s energy and climate initiatives in the second of four videos highlighting different branches of PEC’s work in water resource protection, trails and recreation, and policy.

“I think PEC is uniquely situated to be a leader on this issue in Pennsylvania because of our long history of conservation through cooperation, and working with diverse parties to come up with innovative solutions to environmental challenges.”-Lindsay Baxter