Gubernatorial Candidates Respond to PEC Questions on Environmental Issues

Harrisburg, Pa. – The Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) today released the results of a questionnaire sent to the Republican and Democratic candidates for Governor covering key environmental issues facing Pennsylvania today and their priorities for the future.

The questions covered a range of environmental issues facing Pennsylvania, including;

  • Natural gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing
  • The proposed Shell cracker plant in Beaver County
  • The future of renewable energy in Pennsylvania
  • The challenges of legacy pollution.

The candidates also discuss their plans for the future as governor and what specific steps they would take in their first 100 days in office.

See their responses here.

“With just two weeks left before the May 20 primary election, PEC felt it was important to help educate voters on the environmental positions and priorities of each of the candidates for Governor,” said Paul King, president.  We hope the insights we’ve identified in their positions on these issues will help inform voters and bring the environment into sharper focus for this primary election.”