Governor Wolf Stands up for Pennsylvanians’ Health and Climate, Vetoes Obstructionist Bill

In response to Governor Wolf’s veto of House Bill 2025, the Pennsylvania Environmental Council and Environmental Defense Fund issued the following joint statement:

“The Pennsylvania Environmental Council and Environmental Defense Fund commend the Governor for vetoing House Bill 2025 and thank him and his Administration for their steadfast leadership to advance pollution limits for power plants. House Bill 2025 would have allowed the General Assembly, through mere inaction, to block any proposal by the Administration to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This includes, but would not have been limited to, draft rulemaking now under consideration for Pennsylvania to link with the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) – a market-based platform that has, for over a decade, proven to both reduce emissions and further economic investment and growth.

“Despite acknowledgment that climate change presents a very real and immediate threat to Pennsylvania, there has been no action taken by the General Assembly to address it. Over a decade ago, the legislature passed a law requiring recurrent climate change impact assessments and policy recommendations be developed, and time and time again the calls generated through those reports – matched by scientists, businesses, the military, investors and more worldwide – have gone unheeded.

“While we encourage legislative engagement on this critical issue, the legislature must commit to action. This includes affirmative steps to reduce emissions, protect communities and public health, help workers, and strategically position Pennsylvania for the inevitable, net-zero energy future. The options and opportunities are there; the days of idleness should be behind us.”


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