Get Your Tail on the Trail, Northeast PA!

This summer and fall, Get Your Tail on the Trail is challenging northeastern Pennsylvanians to walk, run, ride, or paddle 165 miles — the length of the Delaware & Lehigh trail What better way to get yourself on a “path” to healthy habits and a healthier you?

In order to earn your Tail on the Trail incentive at the end of the 165 Mile Challenge, you must use the online Trail Tracker to log at least 165 miles between May 1st and November 4th by 11:59pm. Already doing more than that? Set your own challenge higher!

You can use many exercise types and many locations (land trail, water trail, neighborhood sidewalk, outdoor or indoor track, cardio equipment) to work around the weather and your schedule — but the bottom line is to GET OUT and GET ACTIVE!

At the end of the challenge, incentives will be mailed to anyone who completed their 165 miles and entered them online by the end of the final day of the Challenge.

Make sure your mailing address in your online profile is current so your prize can arrive safely to your mailbox. If you have a PO Box, please use the second address line for the street address in case we mail through FedEx.

For more information, connect with NEPA Tail on the Trail on Facebook or visit We’ll see you on the trail!