Former President Davitt Woodwell Honored at PEC 2024 Western PA Dinner

It’s been an exciting year of change for the Pennsylvania Environmental Council, but the 2024 Western Pennsylvania Dinner upheld our annual tradition of convening partners and supporters for an evening of conversation and awards.

The Altoona Water Authority received the Excellence in Partnership Award for engaging state and local partners to reforest the former property of a coal company and add a trail system for public recreation, all while continuing to remediate sources of water pollution from abandoned mines.

The town of Kane received the Trailblazing Community Award for its decade of work revitalizing the town through outdoor recreation. Known as “A Star in the Forest,” Kane has embraced its proximity to incredible natural areas, positioning itself as a destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Last year, a 7.8-mile section of the Knox & Kane Rail Trail was chosen as the Trail of the Year by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Finally, Davitt Woodwell, who retired at the start of this year after 30 years with PEC, received the Lifetime Achievement Award. In that time, his work extended to every corner of the Commonwealth. To recognize his accolades, PEC will construct a bench in his honor along the Great Allegheny Passage, the 150-mile multi-use trail that was a cornerstone of his career.

We are grateful to the hundreds of people who attended this year’s event and to the many more who continue to support PEC’s mission.