Beaver River Conservation Plan Final

Pittsburgh, Pa. With an eye toward the future of the Beaver River, the Pennsylvania Environmental Council has released the final Beaver River Conservation and Management Plan for the entire Beaver River Corridor.  The plan, created as part of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ Rivers Conservation Program, addresses local and regional conditions and concerns about the river while embracing a variety of conservation initiatives.

The plan contains more than 30 recommended action items that will enhance conservation and management efforts within the Study Area. The recommendations were developed based on input from a diverse Advisory Committee, public meetings, and surveys of stakeholders.  Some recommended actions include: cleaning up illegal dumpsites and litter along the river; promoting development within existing infrastructure service areas; and establishing scenic and cultural driving tours of the river valley.

During the Plan’s development, the public frequently commented on the scenic nature of the Beaver River valley with its very steep forested slopes.  The views are popular with people seeking dramatic fall foliage and with train enthusiasts who like to observe the active railways along the river.  The Plan recommends that communities capitalize on the tourism potential of these resources by developing scenic overlooks and tours of the region.

Now that the plan has been completed, municipalities in the study area have been asked to submit a resolution of support to place the Beaver River Corridor on the Pennsylvania Rivers Registry.  The Registry recognizes rivers and watersheds in communities that have completed conservation plans.  Registry status qualifies recommendations listed in the Plan for PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ implementation, development, or acquisition grants.  These grants can assist those communities in creating watershed-related improvements that are listed in the Plan.