Backyard Adventures

Frank Maguire, Program Director

The outdoors is providing a much needed respite from the very necessary homebound nature of our current world. But in addition to social distancing, we all need to be cognizant of the potential risks we can put ourselves and others into if we blindly pursue far flung recreational pursuits.

So here are a couple of creative ways to maintain whatever outdoor adventure goals you may have and still be a good global citizen. And, sure, maybe with your tongue firmly planted in your cheek — because who doesn’t need a smile these days?

Balcony Marathon

How far can you run 23 feet at a time? This marathoner managed to pound out 26.2 miles on the balcony of his apartment.


Hyperlocal Bikepacking

Sometimes backyard adventures are the best adventures…


No Rapids? No Problem

Anybody can kayak in a river, but only die-hards paddle indoors.


Exclusive Fishing Hole

Want to see a guy try to catch a bass in an aquarium? Look no further.