A Riverfront Community

For over a century the residents of Hazelwood have been cut off from the Monongahela River, even though the historic Pittsburgh neighborhood sits right on its banks. Now there’s a community-driven plan to reconnect the community with the water, while recognizing and preserving remnants of the industries that once separated them.

As a partner in the Hazelwood Riverfront planning process, PEC is helping to tell the story of the site’s transformation through the words of the community leaders and planners who are making it happen. In advance of the April 7 community meeting where residents will get their first look at the project, we produced a short video recapping the past year and looking ahead to the next steps:

Pre-register here for the Hazelwood Riverfront Master Plan Community Meeting on April 7, 2021.


Learn more about the Riverfront at hazelwoodgreen.com.