Frank Maguire Discusses PEC’s Role in Promoting Trail Development

All across the state, PEC pushes the envelope for ever-improving and expanding networks of recreational trails. The Circuit in Philadelphia and the Industrial Heartland Trails Coalition out of Pittsburgh (both with strong PEC leadership and partnerships) are probably the two most exciting trail networks in the country right now.

And we, along with others, are bringing Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, and Allentown into the fold with a burgeoning partnership network.

Additionally, PEC continues to provide leadership in bringing trail groups together to effectively collaborate and move trail development forward to put webmapping tools such as to use.

Frank Maguire, PEC Program Manager for Trails and Recreation, outlines PEC’s trail development initiatives in the third of four videos this month highlighting different branches of PEC’s work in water resource protection, energy and climate, and policy.

With thousands of  trail miles across Pennsylvania, PEC continues to strive toward bridging the gaps between those trails to achieve its goal of a statewide trail network.

“Those key (trail) gaps will open up very long corridors and really prove the case for why these trails will work and why they will bring economic development to local communities and to engender a real sense of place to people who are using the trails.”-Frank Maguire