FAQ: Turtle Creek Connector Trail RFP

FAQ: Turtle Creek Connector Trail RFP

Answers to frequently asked questions about PEC’s RFP for the Turtle Creek Connector Trail

Additional details related to aspects of the project can be determined from the 2022 Turtle Creek Connector Feasibility Study completed by WSP. That study can be accessed through the original announcement by Allegheny County via this document.

Q. Is the funding for both design and for construction currently in-hand?

A. The budget of this project covers design and engineering, but not construction.

Q. What is the budget for design services (field survey, environmental, ROW, design, engineering, permitting, bid administration, RFI’s, etc.)?

A. The RAAC announced grants for the Trail Development Fund which inform the project’s budget here.

Q. What is the budget for construction costs?

A. The budget of this project covers only design and engineering, the budget for construction costs will be informed by the final design and associated cost estimates.

Q. Is Construction Management and/or Construction Inspection Service part of the work? (if so, full or part-time construction administration activities?)

A. No.

Q. Are there structures for inspection, repair, replacement as part of this project (arch culverts, box culverts, large pipes, bridges)?

A. This depends greatly upon determination of the corridor’s final alignment, but generally, yes.

Q. Should a structural engineer be part of the project team for inspection and/or repair, or for new structure design?

A. Dependent upon final alignment.

Q. Have any conceptual plans, budgets, or a master plan been completed for the project? If so, can these documents be sent for our review?

A. The Turtle Creek Connector Feasibility Study shows the most recent planning work performed in this corridor.

Q. Has PennDOT or any municipal roadway owners been involved with preliminary discussions for crossing permits/safety design? If so, who is your contact?

A. Yes, PennDOT representatives have been involved in the feasibility planning stage. At this time, PennDOT has not appointed a primary contact for this project.

Q. What has been discussed/decided with the active Railroad (or is the alignment not within RR ROW and Not crossing RR ROW?)

A. This is somewhat dependent upon final alignment. Consultant should be prepared to present strategies for key ROW acquisition if deemed necessary by final alignment.

Q. Are there any background maps, RR VAL maps, or parcel data available (field survey- topo., property lines, properties, boundary, utilities) for the project?

A. Overview maps are provided in the Feasibility Study. Detailed parcel identification along the corridor has not been completed in previous planning work.

Q. Who is on the selection committee?

A. The selection committee members are not finalized at this point, and will be anonymous when finalized.