Pennsylvania Water Trails

Connecting our currents

Do you manage a recreational waterway that you would like to have designated as a Pennsylvania Water Trail? Take a look at the checklist below to see if you are eligible, then use the application to start the designation process. 

Physical Attributes

  • My water trail is navigable for the majority of the paddling season

  • My water trail has sufficient public access points to enable varying lengths of paddle trips

  • My water trail has connections to towns or other amenities such as campsites and land trails

  • It is easy and feasible to portage around river hazards on my water trail

Available Resources

  • My organization can design, update, and produce free maps, and make them available to the¬†public

  • My organization is able to use cohesive PA Water Trails branding on maps and guides

  • My organization can create and install adequate signage for public water trail use

  • My water trail is connected to other designated Pennsylvania Water Trails

Community Engagement

  • There is ample community support for my water trail

  • We have hosted several public meetings about becoming a designated water trail

  • There is capacity among local organizations to maintain my water trail

  • There are outfitters available on my water trail

  • My organization has done outreach to adjoining designated water trails