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“Environmental Focus” Media Center

“Environmental Focus” Media Center

July 21, 2015

Dating back to May 2015, the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) has produced a monthly television talk show on environmental issues that is broadcast on the Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN) one Sunday afternoon per month. Titled “Environmental Focus,” the show centers on...

Pa. Will Stop Using Industry-Favored FracFocus Database

July 16, 2015E&E Publishing

Pennsylvania oil and gas officials are breaking with fellow state regulators and planning to drop the FracFocus website for reporting the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing. Next year, the state Department of Environmental Protection will shift to using data reported...

Concerns with Senate Bill 805 (P.N. 922)

Concerns with Senate Bill 805 (P.N. 922)

July 13, 2015

To:  Members of the Pennsylvania Senate From:  John Walliser, Pennsylvania Environmental Council Re:  Concerns with Senate Bill 805 (P.N. 922) Dear Senators: On behalf of the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC), I am writing to express our concerns with Senate Bill...

Environmentalists Differ in Mindset, Willingness to Work With Frackers

July 11, 2015Trib Total Media

On the battleground against fracking, critics who say they fight for the environment often are branded broadly. Cast against an industry that says it can bring energy independence to the country and an economic boost to Pennsylvania, environmental groups in...

PEC Thanks Governor Wolf for Vetoing Senate Bill 655

PEC Thanks Governor Wolf for Vetoing Senate Bill 655

July 2, 2015

Today PEC sent the following communication to Governor Wolf thanking him for vetoing Senate Bill 655, which passed the General Assembly on June 30th. PEC objects to the inclusion of a rider in the legislation that would have inhibited rulemaking...

PEC Presents Objections to Senate Bill 655 (P.N. 1137)

PEC Presents Objections to Senate Bill 655 (P.N. 1137)

June 30, 2015

On behalf of the Pennsylvania Environmental Council, we are asking members of the Pennsylvania Senate to remove rulemaking prohibition language in Senate Bill 655 (P.N. 1137) relating to conventional oil and gas operations. This prohibition does not belong in the...

Drillers to Submit Electronic Records on Fracking Chemicals to Pa. DEP

June 28, 2015Trib Total Media

Pennsylvania will require shale gas companies to disclose electronically the chemicals they use in hydraulic fracturing in a new state-run database by next summer. Department of Environmental Protection Secretary John Quigley said the department will end its partnership with FracFocus,...

PEC Continues Progress in Green Workplace Challenge

PEC Continues Progress in Green Workplace Challenge

June 24, 2015By: Lindsay Baxter

Since fall of 2014, PEC’s Southwest office has been competing in the Green Workplace Challenge, a friendly competition among employers of all sizes and sectors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through sustainability efforts. The Challenge was established in 2012 by...

Group Aims to Revive Dunbar Borough Coke Ovens

June 19, 2015Trib Total Media

FedEx driver Scott Dunn delivered good news to Dunbar Borough this week — but it wasn’t the boxes and envelopes he typically handles. It was about the impending restoration of several coke ovens along the Sheepskin Trail. Although there remain...

Tire Recycling Events Diminish Mosquito Breeding Ground

June 14, 2015Citizens Voice

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water, which is often found in discarded tires lying in dump sites around the county. Beth DeNardi is the recycling coordinator for Luzerne County. Her department organizes an annual tire recycling event. County residents...