Since 1970, PEC has been a central figure in the environmental and conservation discussion in Pennsylvania — and we will continue to play that role. Every day, PEC manages challenges facing Pennsylvania’s water, land, and air resources whether from past activities, current practices, or potential future impacts.


We are not the only environmental voice in the Commonwealth, but we uniquely inform our statewide policy advocacy with on-the-ground local and regional projects. We're better at both because we do both.

Davitt B. Woodwell, President Pennsylvania Environmental Council

What Makes PEC Unique?

What People are Saying


“They offer well thought-out, reasoned comments on policy proposals that the department is making.”

Scott Perry
Deputy Secretary, Department of Environmental Protection


“I was impressed … on their efforts to bring together people with different perspectives on environmental issues.”

Susan LeGros
President and Executive Director, Center for Sustainable Shale Development


“It would’ve been a much larger task without PEC.”

Tom Baxter
Friends of the Riverfront, Pittsburgh


“I think the greatest strength of PEC is its organizational reasonableness.”

Mike Kane
Community Foundation for the Alleghenies, Johnstown


“PEC has helped to facilitate bringing together professionals to help work on the French Creek area in a collaborative manner.”

Jim Lang
French Creek Valley Conservancy, Meadville


“I think that PEC brings collaboration to the table.”

John Dawes
The Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds

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