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Achieving Deep Carbon Reductions: Paths for Pennsylvania’s Energy Future

    PEC Deep Decarbonization Conference: Case Study

    Jae Edmonds from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory leads a case study discussion during PEC’s Deep Decarbonization Conference on the U.S. Mid-Century Strategy for Deep Decarbonization.

    PEC Deep Decarbonization Conference: Setting the Stage

    PEC President Davitt Woodwell along with Neil Donahue and Granger Morgan from Carnegie Mellon University set the stage for the first day of the PEC Deep Decarbonization Conference.

    PEC Deep Decarbonization Conference: Lunchtime Keynote

    David Titley from Pennsylvania State University discusses Climate Change and National Security during PEC’s Deep Decarbonizaiton Conference Lunchtime Keynote segment.

    PEC Deep Decarbonization Conference: Renewable Energy

    Mark Alan Hughes from the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy moderates the discussion between Jesse Jenkins from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Eric Gimon from Energy Innovation, and Steve Brick from the Clean Air Task Force on the potential and limitations of renewable energy.

    PEC Deep Decarbonization Conference: Energy Efficiency

    Sonny Popowski, former Consumer Advocate of Kleinman Energy for Policy Advisory Board moderates the discussion between Inês Azevedo from Carnegie Mellon University, Matt Jungclaus from Rocky Mountain Institute and Sebastien Houde from the University of Maryland on the topic: Redefining Energy Efficiency for Deep Decarbonization.

Recognizing Leadership

    John Dawes, Lifetime Achievement Award Winner: 2017 Western Pennsylvania Environmental Awards

    PEC presented John Dawes, Executive Director of the Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds, with a Lifetime Achievement Award during the 2017 Western Pennsylvania Environmental Awards for his watershed repair and conservation efforts throughout Pennsylvania.

    John Schombert, Lifetime Achievement Award Winner: 2017 Western Pennsylvania Environmental Awards

    John Schombert received an Environmental Award from PEC during the 2017 Western Pennsylvania Environmental Awards for his tireless efforts in addressing the control and management of stormwater.

    Rosebud Mining: 2017 Western Pennsylvania Environmental Awards

    Rosebud Mining received an Environmental Award from PEC for their contribution to environmental conservation through cleanup efforts in Cambria County.

    Millvale EcoDistrict: 2017 Western Pennsylvania Environmental Awards

    The Millvale EcoDistrict won one of the Environmental Awards presented by PEC for their hard work and achievements in environmental conservation.

    Little Juniata River Association: 2017 Western Pennsylvania Environmental Awards

    The Little Juniata River Association received an Environmental Award from PEC for their conservation efforts during the 2017 Western Pennsylvania Environmental Awards in May. PEC looks back on the organization’s hard work and dedication to cleaning and preserving the Little Juniata River.


    Meet the Volunteers

    It’s a cold and windy Earth Day 2018, but these tree-planting volunteers are smiling.

    Breaking Ground

    Foresters Ben Hardy of DCNR and Cliff Drouet of OSMRE explain how to transform a former mining site back to native forest… and why it’s worth doing.

    A Fresh Start

    Pennsylvania state Senator John Yudichak talks about growing up near the site of PEC’s Earth Day 2017 tree-planting in Pinchot State Forest, and watching its transformation from abandoned mine site to restored native forest.

    Mine Land to Forest Land

    Volunteers plant 8,000 trees in Pinchot State Forest, Luzerne County in celebration of Earth Day 2017.

Trails and Recreation

    Rebel Rebel Float Trip

    What’s the connection between kayaking, the 1794 Whiskey Rebellion, and David Bowie?

    The Mon River Towns initiative and Venture Outdoors co-hosted the Rebel Rebel Float Trip on August 6th, 2017. The outing received funding through the Pennsylvania River Sojourn Program administered by the Pennsylvania Organization for Watersheds and Rivers (POWR), an affiliate of PEC.

    2017 International Trails Symposium

    PEC visits the 2017 International Trails Symposium in Dayton, Ohio.

    Seventh Annual PEC Environment Ride

    PEC held the Annual Environment Ride in June 2017. Follow PEC staff, donors and riders throughout Pennsylvania and learn about PEC’s former and upcoming trail development initiatives.


    Sixth Annual PEC Environment Ride

    The sixth annual PEC Environment took place from June 3-5, 2016. Participants spent the weekend biking through the scenic trails of Southeast Pennsylvania, showcasing the beauty of Doylestown, Bethlehem, and Northern Bucks County.


    Tireless Efforts

    With help from partners and volunteers, PEC’s Illegal Dumpsite Cleanup Program tackles a decades-old tire dump in northern Susquehanna County.

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