Energy & Climate

Energy. It’s more than just Pennsylvania’s legacy. As the 3rd largest energy producer in the U.S., energy remains important to our state’s economy and way of life. But as the 3rd largest emitter of CO2 in the nation, and with abandoned mine lands and damaged streams, we recognize the challenges associated with energy production.

PEC’s Energy and Climate work focuses on achieving deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, advancing a clean energy economy in the state, and reducing the impacts of historic and present energy extraction.


Energy & Climate

Deep Decarbonization

Emerging thinking is focusing on the idea of deep decarbonization - a pathway to the end goal of eliminating carbon emissions altogether.

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Inside News and Policy

Pennsylvania Legacies #55: Solar Panel
Featured Post

Pennsylvania Legacies #55: Solar Panel

The latest on Pennsylvania’s ongoing state budget battle, and a roundtable discussion with members of DEP’s Solar Future Stakeholders Group.   Links: Finding Pennsylvania’s Solar Future Pennsylvania Legacies #53: How to Create a Clean Energy Economy

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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
PEC Blog

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

January 11, 2018By: Lindsay Baxter

We’ve all had that moment where we fantasize about quitting a job. Telling the boss where he or she can go, storming out, slamming a door. But what about when the break-up is more amicable? You both know it’s for...

PEC in the News

DEP’s GO-TIME speeds inspection

January 5, 2018Allied News (Grove City)

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is completing more gas and oil drilling inspections across the state thanks to a new program that streamlines the process. “It’s been a huge improvement,” said Deborah Klenotic, deputy communications director for DEP. The...

PEC in the News

A look at Pittsburgh’s latest Climate Action Plan

December 20, 2017Pittsburgh City Paper

Pittsburgh’s proposed new Climate Action Plan is certainly ambitious. Most broadly, it sets the goal of reducing the city’s greenhouse-gas emissions by 20 percent (from a 2003 baseline) by 2023; by 50 percent by 2030; and by 80 percent by...

Policy Posts

PEC Applauds Pittsburgh’s Climate Vision, Presses for Action

November 30, 2017

The following remarks were presented to Pittsburgh City Council at a public hearing held November 29, 2017. To read PEC’s full commentary on the City’s Climate Action Plan, click here. Good evening. My name is Lindsay Baxter and I am...

PEC Supports SB234

October 16, 2017

PEC has submitted the following letter is support of SB234.