Stormwater Management Education & Training

PEC understands the negative effects of stormwater runoff and works with communities to address them at ground level.

Stormwater is any precipitation that falls from the sky onto the land. In natural environments, most stormwater is absorbed into the soil. But when water hits impervious surfaces like roads, parking lots, and sidewalks, pollutants are washed into nearby waterbodies — including sources of our drinking water.

Polluted stormwater adversely affects human and animal health, and too much of it can lead to flooding and damaged streams.

To confront these problems where they occur, PEC provides education and training resources that empower municipalities, residents, and businesses to better manage their stormwater.

Suburban and Rural Communities

By educating and engaging with the public, targeting sources of illicit discharge, and making plans to control and manage stormwater runoff, smaller communities can accomplish big things.


Philadelphia and Urban Centers

PEC works with partners including the Philadelphia Water Department, the William Penn Foundation, and the Watershed Alliance of Southeastern Pennsylvania on stormwater management programs.


Pittsburgh and Urban Centers

PEC works with other local civic and environmental organizations to address the Pittsburgh region’s stormwater management problem. Additionally, we submitted recommendations to make ALCOSAN’s Wet Weather Plan more effective.


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