Southeast Watershed Partnerships

PEC launched the Watershed Alliance of Southeastern Pennsylvania in 2013 to support local municipalities and other stakeholders addressing stormwater management and watershed stewardship challenges.

The Watershed Alliance of Southeastern Pennsylvania is an umbrella group for five Philadelphia area watersheds partnerships including the Darby-Cobbs, Wissahickon, Pennypack, Tookany/Tacony-Frankford, and Poquessing Watershed Partnerships. The long-term goal of the Watershed Partnerships is to reduce the negative impacts of stormwater runoff via the development and implementation of watershed-based stormwater management plans. PEC facilitates four of the five partnerships for the Philadelphia Water Department.  The Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership, Inc. is a separate nonprofit organization.

We launched the Watershed Alliance of Southeastern Pennsylvania in 2013 to streamline partnership outreach events and promote greater collaboration between the five watershed partnerships. PEC also reached beyond the Philadelphia area partnership effort to invite other southeastern Pennsylvania watershed stakeholders to attend and support Alliance activities.

The goal of the Watershed Alliance is to build upon the collective strength of municipal leaders to protect and restore quality of life through innovative stormwater management. Municipalities are key Alliance stakeholders as they are responsible for land use and stormwater management decisions. Their programs and actions can thus lead the way towards reducing the negative impacts of stormwater runoff and creating healthier communities.

To date the Alliance activities have focused on education and outreach programs  that address:

  • Municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) stormwater permit compliance
  • Green infrastructure and other stormwater control measure techniques
  • Stormwater management financing
  • Act 167 and other stormwater management ordinances

To facilitate communication among alliance partners, we created a semi-monthly e-newsletter and social media presence, including blog and Facebook sites.

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