Lift Johnstown

The annual Project Party inspired more than 1,000 people to volunteer for more than 85 non-profits in the area.

Lift Johnstown is building walkable neighborhoods with trails to parks and historic sites, establishing an emerging cultural district, and reinforcing innovative entrepreneurial-development efforts.

Lift Johnstown evolved as the implementation strategy of three plans; one on the City of Johnstown, one on attracting young people to the region, and one on promoting the Laurel Highlands Conservation Landscape.

The 14 community gardens make up a big part of the “urban agriculture” program in Johnstown.

The 14 community gardens make up a big part of the “urban agriculture” program in Johnstown.

Since then, an amazing number of projects have been accomplished.  A greenhouse in an urban park sprouted seedlings that were transplanted to 14 outside community gardens, providing food to a co-op store in a low-income neighborhood where programs are offered on healthy eating. Allegheny Adventure X-Fest was created to showcase the wide array of outdoor opportunities in the region, including some of the best whitewater boating in the East.  A “smart transportation” project now better connects people into downtown Johnstown, where a $2 million grant was awarded to develop an education center and restaurant. Over 90 blighted structures have been removed, while a sculpture park was created. Pillars on an elevated bypass now feature bright art, as opposed to drab concrete.

An annual volunteer-recruitment party has connected 87 non-profits with more than 800 volunteers, and a dedicated web site features on-going listings of volunteer opportunities.

Two missing trail links plus several on-road bicycle links have been installed through the city, while mountain-bike trails have been expanded with new paths planned around a nearby lake.
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