A New Year for Spring Garden Street

January 14, 2015
Program Update

We started 2014 with a clear vision: reenergize the conversation about the Spring Garden Street Greenway and propel the project from concept to reality. When we began that conversation, you had a lot to say! What we heard from local stakeholders is that you believe in this project. You wanted us to get in front of the public and tell the story. So we did exactly that.

Spring Garden Street factsTogether, we hosted multiple public bike tours and explained the huge impact the Greenway will have. In the fall, you made the Pop-Up Greenway a reality. The Pop-up was a day-long experiment to build one block of Greenway, talk directly to the community, and have fun. Sixty volunteers and 1000 participants from the community came together to plan, build, and enjoy the event. The result was a hugely successful exercise that generated news articles, social media buzz and additional support. Thank you!

Finally, PEC continued to work with leaders in the City of Philadelphia to make critical decisions on how to move the Greenway project forward. Our primary goal was to get a green light from the City to start the preliminary design phase. Conversations with key City officials continued through the week before Christmas. PEC presented the City with safety data from separated cycle tracks in other cities, and we made new auto, bike, and pedestrian traffic counts for every intersection along the corridor available to the City in order to create a traffic model that will determine the safest way to implement a Greenway with the least traffic impact. It was a great way to end the year!

A Look Ahead to 2015Spring Garden Street 2015
-Complete traffic model
-Continue civic engagement
– USDOT Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Assessment
– Increase resident and stakeholder engagement

Thank you for all of the hard work which made 2014 an important year in the ongoing story of the Spring Garden Street Greenway. We are optimistic that 2015 will be a turning point in which the ball starts rolling and doesn’t stop until the Greenway is built. Stay in touch and have a Happy New Year!

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