Water Quality

Water Quality

Nearly 15,000 miles of stream in Pennsylvania are not drinkable, fishable, or swimmable – 34 times the length of the Susquehanna River and 46 times the length of the Allegheny. PEC has focused its expertise and experience into the Center of Excellence for Water Resources, which addresses abandoned mine drainage, stormwater management and a program for trading credits for removing excess nutrients and sediment from streams.

Policy Posts

PEC Opposes HR284

June 6, 2017

PEC sent the following communication to members of the House State Government Committee regarding HR284. June 6, 2017 To:           Members of the House State Government Committee From:     Pennsylvania Environmental Council RE:           Consideration of House Resolution 284 (P.N. 1556) Dear...

PEC Opposes Senate Bill 624

May 18, 2017

Update (June 6): The Senate passed SB 624 by a vote of 32-17. Prior Update (May 22): The Senate Environmental Resources & Energy Committee, in an “off-the-floor” vote, approved SB 624 as committed. The bill awaits consideration by the full Senate....

PEC Opposes HB 1333 as Written

May 4, 2017

PEC is opposed to House Bill 1333 as currently written. Without appropriate safeguards, this legislation could lead to new and significant financial liabilities for the Commonwealth in the years to come. We recognize the current market challenges faced by the coal...

PEC Opposes SB 624

April 18, 2017

A new bill introduced in the Pennsylvania Senate would fundamentally weaken protection of surface waters. Senate Bill 624 amends existing law by removing presumptive liability for damages to streams and wetlands if the companies’ own pre-mining estimates did not predict...

PEC Supports House Bill 417

February 10, 2017

Today PEC sent the following letter to the House Consumer Affairs Committee in support of House Bill 417. February 10, 2017 To:  Members of the House Consumer Affairs Committee From:  John Walliser, Pennsylvania Environmental Council Re:  Support for House Bill...

PEC Supports Senate Bill 30 and Senate Bill 192

January 31, 2017

The Pennsylvania Environmental Council sent the following letter to the Senate Game & Fisheries Committee today, offering support for Senate Bills 30 and 192. Dear Senators: In advance of tomorrow’s Senate Game & Fisheries Committee meeting, I would like to...

PEC Supports Senate Bill 30 (P.N. 11)

January 16, 2017

PEC strongly supports Senate Bill 30 (P.N. 11), which allows the Fish & Boat Commission to establish its own fees. As an independent agency not supported by General Fund revenues, it is vital that the Commission has sufficient ability to...

PEC Opposes Attempt to Reverse Rulemaking Protections

PEC Opposes Attempt to Reverse Rulemaking Protections

September 22, 2016

UPDATE: Upon further review of the proposed amendment, the amendment language would also prohibit the Department of Environmental Protection’s ability to require additional permitting requirements for well sites located in close proximity to schools or playgrounds. September 22, 2016 To:...

PEC Offers Support for House Resolution 908

PEC Offers Support for House Resolution 908

August 26, 2016

Today the Pennsylvania Environmental Council sent a letter of support to the General Assembly for House Resolution 908, which would direct the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to conduct an exploratory study on industrial and commercial water withdrawal fees. The resolution...

PEC Expresses Concerns with House Bill 1967 as Written

PEC Expresses Concerns with House Bill 1967 as Written

May 20, 2016

To: Members of the House Environmental Resources & Energy Committee Re: Concerns with House Bill 1967 (P.N. 3119) Dear Representatives: The Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) would like to share our concerns with House Bill 1967 (P.N. 3119), which may soon be...

What’s New

Pennsylvania Legacies #39: A Legacy of Service
PEC Blog

Pennsylvania Legacies #39: A Legacy of Service

May 19, 2017By: Josh Raulerson

PEC opposes a state Senate bill that would expose surface water to further impacts from underground mining, and we pay tribute to two western PA environmental leaders up for Lifetime Achievement honors at our spring awards dinner.     Links:...

PEC Blog

Key Federal Abandoned Mine Land Legislation Introduced

March 28, 2017By: John Walliser

Bipartisan, Bicameral Legislation a Win-Win for Pennsylvania . Yesterday a bipartisan group of legislators in Washington reintroduced legislation – known as the RECLAIM Act – that would expedite much-needed funding from the Abandoned Mine Land Trust Fund for projects that...

PEC in the News

Are We Heading For a Hydropower Boom on the Three Rivers?

December 19, 2016The Allegheny Front

…Environmental groups have often frowned on hydropower because big, new dams can wipe out habitat and displace homes and businesses. But some environmental groups are latching onto the idea of building them on pre-existing dams like Emsworth. Lindsay Baxter of the...