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PEC Opposes SB 799 as Currently Written

June 29, 2017

PEC has sent the following letter to the bill’s sponsor, expressing concerns with the legislation. The Senator indicated his intention in introducing the bill was to solicit comments for additional consideration. June 27, 2017 To: The Honorable Richard Alloway, Pennsylvania...

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Community Clean Water Toolbox Launched

April 10, 2018DEP Newsroom

Harrisburg, PA –  About 200 leaders from municipal governments, county conservation districts, agriculture, environmental groups, water companies, and other entities participated today in a meeting hosted by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to expand local engagement in Phase 3...

Pennsylvania Legacies #51: Bird is the Word
PEC Blog

Pennsylvania Legacies #51: Bird is the Word

August 25, 2017By: Josh Raulerson

Mounting opposition to budget riders, DEP’s modest progress toward better clean drinking water enforcement, and good news from the Chesapeake Bay. Also: why do birds suddenly appear every time you reclaim and reforest abandoned mine lands?

Pennsylvania Legacies #49: The Cost of Doing Business
PEC Blog

Pennsylvania Legacies #49: The Cost of Doing Business

August 11, 2017By: Josh Raulerson

Curbing methane emissions from natural gas production isn’t just about combating climate change. For many conservatives in Western states, it’s just good business. We visit a Wyoming startup that’s helping oil & gas companies save money and keep their workers...