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Caucus members urge DEP to reconsider steep fee increase

August 18, 2018Indiana Gazette

A letter signed by several local lawmakers and others in the state House Oil and Gas Caucus asks state Department of Environment Protection Secretary and Environmental Quality Board Chairman Patrick McDonnell to reconsider a proposed increase from $5,000 to $12,500...

Letter: See what Pa. oil and gas bill does

August 11, 2018Elmira Star-Gazette

Clinton Owlett is the representative for Pennsylvania’s 68th Legislative District (Tioga, and part of Bradford and Potter counties). On June 5, he voted for Pennsylvania House Bill 2154, which amended oil and gas drilling regulations. The analyses of HB-2154 by...

House passes conventional oil and gas industry bill

June 6, 2018The Bradford Era

Mark Cline almost has a reason to cheer … but not quite yet. On Tuesday, the oilman of Cline Oil of Bradford welcomed news that the House passed,111-84, bill 2154 that would re-enact the Oil and Gas Act of 1984...

Laurel Ridge braces for climate change

April 20, 2018Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Atop Laurel Ridge in eastern Westmoreland County, a strategically placed pile of crushed limestone serves as a low-tech measure to keep acid rain from getting into Rock Run — and then Linn Run, which feeds into Loyalhanna Creek. “We’re dealing...

Bill would roll back standards on conventional oil and gas drillers

April 12, 2018StateImpact Pennsylvania

A new bill in the state senate seeks to roll back environmental requirements on Pennsylvania’s conventional oil and gas industry, alleviating what its sponsor calls the “unbearable burden” of tougher standards targeted at larger, Marcellus Shale drillers. The measure marks...

Can we fight climate change without scaling up nuclear power?

January 24, 2018Pittsburgh City Paper

One long-running disagreement about the environment isn’t the familiar fight between people who understand that human-caused climate change is real and people who deny it. Rather, it’s between folks who contend that keeping the planet livable requires us to use...

DEP’s GO-TIME speeds inspection

January 5, 2018Allied News (Grove City)

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is completing more gas and oil drilling inspections across the state thanks to a new program that streamlines the process. “It’s been a huge improvement,” said Deborah Klenotic, deputy communications director for DEP. The...

A look at Pittsburgh’s latest Climate Action Plan

December 20, 2017Pittsburgh City Paper

Pittsburgh’s proposed new Climate Action Plan is certainly ambitious. Most broadly, it sets the goal of reducing the city’s greenhouse-gas emissions by 20 percent (from a 2003 baseline) by 2023; by 50 percent by 2030; and by 80 percent by...

New life for the dammed? Philly issues call for hydro-energy projects

November 2, 2017Philadelphia Inquirer

[…] While small-scale hydro projects often generate public excitement, many never get off the ground because they can’t make money, especially in a low-energy price environment. Such was the case with an innovative pilot project the Water Department explored five years...