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Climate Change and Energy: We Need a Big Boat

January 20, 2017By: Armond Cohen

Note: this is the first in a series of guest blog posts highlighting PEC’s upcoming conference, Achieving Deep Carbon Reductions: Paths for Pennsylvania’s Energy Future, March 15-16 at the David L. Lawrence Convention center in downtown Pittsburgh. This piece was contributed by...

Environmental Focus – Responsible Shale Development

Environmental Focus – Responsible Shale Development

October 25, 2016By: Davitt Woodwell

In the latest Environmental Focus, we examine efforts to advance leading practices and safeguards for unconventional shale gas development. Interviewed are Susan LeGros, President and Executive Director of the Center for Sustainable Shale Development, and Davitt Woodwell, President of the...

(Un)Conventional Thinking, Part 2

October 7, 2016By: Davitt Woodwell

As of today, Pennsylvania finally has in place the core of a twenty-first century set of rules for the gas industry. It has taken three governors, four DEP secretaries, two state supreme court decisions, three sessions of the General Assembly,...

(Un)Conventional Thinking

(Un)Conventional Thinking

June 8, 2016By: Davitt Woodwell

Davitt Woodwell President Pennsylvania Environmental Council The Pennsylvania General Assembly today allowed an important step forward in managing unconventional shale gas development in the Commonwealth. By not upending the six-year process that led to amendments of the Oil and Gas...

The Budget & Protecting the Public Trust

The Budget & Protecting the Public Trust

December 11, 2015By: Davitt Woodwell

No one will dispute that the now-annual spectacle of the Commonwealth budget reflects poorly on the current state of governance in Harrisburg. What hasn’t been acknowledged enough, however, is the surreptitious use of this spectacle to undermine environmental protections. Over...

Environmental Protection is Everyone’s Business

Environmental Protection is Everyone’s Business

March 24, 2015By: John Walliser

Last week the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Oil & Gas Technical Advisory Board (TAB) met to review revisions to a regulatory proposal for managing surface and aquatic impacts from natural gas development. PEC has been named to the TAB...

Avoiding Future Pollution Legacies

February 27, 2015By: John Walliser

An article in the Wall Street Journal this week underscored the reality that any boom in natural resource development – including natural gas – ultimately recedes. Too frequently, the end of the boom results in tremendous environmental and financial burdens...

Inauguration Day

January 16, 2015By: Davitt Woodwell

Media outlets in Pennsylvania have picked-up on proposed “disruptions” of Tom Wolf’s inauguration next week in order to promote a ban on “fracking.” Clearly, protesters have every right to do so within the bounds of the law. But it begs...

Pennsylvania Must Still Act on Methane

January 14, 2015By: John Walliser

This morning (Jan. 14) the White House announced an ambitious and welcome goal of reducing methane emissions from the oil and gas industry 45 percent by 2025. Methane emissions are a considerable threat to climate change, posing over 80 times...