Brian Hill, President and CEO

Brian J. Hill was senior vice president for watersheds for the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) and also served as director for the PEC French Creek Project based in Meadville, Pennsylvania prior to accepting a position in May 2004 in the Policy Office of the Governor in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and resigning from the committee. The purpose of the project and the council's overall watershed protection program is to spur grassroots efforts to reduce point and nonpoint source water pollution. Previously Mr. Hill served as director of the Western Pennsylvania Office of the PEC in Pittsburgh for six years; he has developed a wide variety of environmental educational programs including workshops and seminars on solid and hazardous waste management, the reuse of industrial sites, and land use policy in Pennsylvania. Mr. Hill is a past chairman of the Citizens Advisory Council to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) and has served as a member of the PADEP’s Environmental Quality Board. He received his B.S. in environmental science from Allegheny College and his M.S. in natural resource management from the University of New Hampshire.